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PAST Flight Team Members

Ring of Honor

Bill _BeeGee_ Gill
Bill "BeeGee" Gill
KC1 Flight Lead Co-Founder
KC Flight Owes it's beginnings to BeeGee. He is KC1. He helped Co-Found KC Flight and was it's very first Flight Lead. Many memorable and on time flyovers lead by BeeGee. He has come out of retirement a few times to fly with us. Always an honor.
Cheers BeeGee!
Dale "Pink" Den Besten
KC3 Flight Lead and Co-Founder
Pink retired after 8yrs as an engineer with BNSF railroad. He moved back home to South Dakota in 2016 and began a new career as a crop duster pilot. A job more befitting his true character. As a founding member we will miss him. But the hangar door is always open for guest appearances. 
Cheers Pink!
Dan "HotDog" Frank
KC2 Flight Lead and Co-Founder
Dan's work and Family life (Young Kids) has temporarily interrupted his flying with the team. As a Founding member we will miss him. But there will always be an open invitation to come fly with us. 
Cheers HotDog!
Keith "Jazz" Schult 
KC5-Wingman and Co-Founder
Jazz was a Founding member and we will miss him immensely. He lost his battle to COVID in 2021. But we know he will always be up there in spirit flying with us and keeping us safe. Don't be so hard on God's Angels Jazz, they don't do a lot of formation flying. Until we meet again.
"God Speed"

Kevin "Husker" Loseke
KC6 Flight Lead 


Steve "Boomer" Stucky
KC8 Wingamn
Terry "Shack" Jackson
KC10 Wingamn
Gary "Cowboy" Stewart 
KC21 Wingamn
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